3 Ways Supply Chain Consultants Can Simplify the Shipping Process

Almost every business deals with moving packages from one place to another, and whether the product being shipped is moving from business to business or from the business to the customer, the ability to effectively manage the supply chain is essential to running a smooth and effective shipping operation. From warehousing to international shipping, the use of supply chain consultants will help your company avoid the gaps in communication that can sometimes develop within the supply chain.
While using logistic companies as a third-party service provider to handle the shipping definitely has its benefits, you may have a desire to handle the shipping responsibilities directly. Because of the complex nature of this dynamic, it is recommended to consult with an expert that has the experience and knowledge to help avoid shipping catastrophes that have the potential to cost the company money and clients.
Following are three ways working with a supply chain consultant can help you simply your logistics processes.
1. Helping You Find a Way to Use an Existing Shipping Option in a New Way
When you are looking for options to help streamline and simplify your shipping processes, a supply chain consultant can help you find ways to use the resources that you already have access to, but in a different way. While you may have developed a business relationship with an existing company, it is possible that you may not be aware of all of the services that they offer. The consultant can evaluate the current way that you are using this specific shipping option, and then recommend a better way to take advantage of the services that the shipping company has to offer. Usually, these types of changes will result in lower costs and more timely deliveries.
2. Making Deliveries a More Profitable Endeavor
Sometimes a supply chain consultant will be able to help you step outside of the box in order to recognize the opportunity for innovative processes. For instance, allowing non-competing companies to ship their products as a part of your shipment for a reduced fee would actually create the opportunity to make a profit off of your shipment process. This way, you would generate revenue from the sale of the products you are shipping, and you would also generate sales by charging companies to use any additional shipping space you may have left in your shipping container.
3. Finding Ways to Perfect Packaging
How a product is packaged has an immense impact on the customer experience. While a customer will appreciate the company going to great lengths to ensure that the product arrives safely, they may become frustrated if they have to hack through layers of protection. Working with a consultant can help you find the ideal balance in your packaging.
The idea of working with a supply chain consultant is to streamline and optimize your shipping process, without the interferences that can take place when communication breaks down in the supply chain. For more information, visit 3PL Links.

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