4 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Hire a Plumber to Do


Plumbers are among the most misunderstood skilled trades service providers out there. First of all, plumbers do a lot more than install or repair pipes and fix clogs. We use plumbing on a daily basis, and often without thinking twice about it until or unless something goes wrong. Everyone knows common plumbing issues like leaky faucets and toilet failures, but there are so many other services provided by plumbers. Here are just a few you might not be familiar with.

1. Appliance Installations

It is fairly common knowledge that a plumber is the one that will handle water heater issues, including replacements and repairs. Did you know that plumbers also assist with other appliance installations? For those homeowners who have natural gas lines for their stove, oven, and/or clothes dryer, a plumber can provide assistance with the installation of new appliances in the home. Whether you’re a first-time gas dryer user and aren’t sure of the installation process or you just aren’t very handy, this may be helpful to know.

2. Gas Line Repairs and Service

Along with gas appliance installation, plumbers can assist you with natural gas line repairs, shutoff valve installations and replacements, and other gas line services. Some HVAC contractors also provide this service, but it is typically reserved for plumbing professionals. Again, if you have natural gas heat or appliances in your home, this is useful information to have so that you can call the right people when you need assistance.

3. Plumbing Audits and Recommendations

Everyone has probably heard the buzz about energy audits, but did you know that there are plumbing audits available, as well? Some people don’t realize just how much water they waste on a daily basis, but the process of warming up the shower alone can result in up to 9,000 gallons of wasted water per year. A licensed plumber can come into your home and perform an audit of your system. They can even review your water and sewer bills to see where they can recommend improvements or identify areas of waste to help you save. For additional resources, visit the Drain Rescue website.

4. Swimming Pool Repairs and Service

A lot of plumbers are trained in dealing with residential and commercial pool plumbing, and are expected to be able to handle these issues on a daily basis. Something like a pool can be confusing to attempt to repair when you don’t know who to call. Start by calling your local pool store to see what they suggest, but if you have leaks in the pool or other plumbing issues, hiring a plumber might just be your best bet.

Plumbers are handy for a number of reasons. Now that you know a little more about other ways they can help, you might find them more useful than you expected.


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