5 Mistakes You’re Making with Your Content Marketing


The role played by content marketing in an online business cannot be overlooked. Content marketing is used to attain numerous goals. For instance, a business is able to properly present itself to its target market. It also becomes an authoritative information source and is able to build a positive relationship with internet users. According to SEO Toronto experts, it is found that content marketing has the ability to generate thrice as many leads when compared to outbound marketing and also costs 62% less. More than 80% of online marketers make use of content marketing for their online business. Even with the success rate, there are some online marketers who do not seem to benefit from online marketing. This can be because they are making certain mistakes in their content marketing campaign. Here are common mistakes made by content marketers that jeopardize their campaigns.

1.      Using Immediate and Obvious Sales Pitches

Using Immediate and Obvious Sales Pitches

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Every online business person wants to market their amazing products or services to their target audience. They also expect a positive response in the form of conversion from this marketing. One of the most common mistakes done in content marketing is immediately shoving a call to action to the audience. Avoid using sales pitches prematurely in your sales funnel. Help the user see the value your product or service and let them make the decision to buy on their own.

2.      Putting Too Much Focus on Text

Putting Too Much Focus on Text

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The use of texts is the most common type of content found online.  There are businesses that focus on having text-only content on their site. It is a huge marketing mistake to use text without incorporating some visuals. Incorporating visual content in your text content gives it a better chance of attracting potential leads to your business. Companies such as www.seovancouver.ca make use of visual to create brand visibility for their clients. Therefore, the use of text-only content is a huge mistake for any online campaign.

3.      Overlooking the Reader Persona

Overlooking the Reader Persona

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Also referred to as content persona, this refers to the representation of your target audience based on data obtained from research. This data displays information about the reader’s needs, characteristics and also preferences. This information is meant to guide your content marketing strategy as it makes it possible for you to create content to meet the needs of your target audience. Failure to consider the reader persona means that you haven’t put the needs of your target audience first. Thus, the content created is hardly relevant to the market.

4.      Lack of A Call to Action

Lack of A Call to Action

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You cannot generate sales if you do not have a call to action button at the end of your content. You need to ensure that you have a call to action button at the end of your articles to generate sales from your marketing content. The call to action buttons can vary depending on your preference.

5.      Failure to Create A Content Calendar

Failure to Create A Content Calendar

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There are several reasons why content calendars are important. They make it possible for you to organize your marketing strategy, save you time and also maximize on time for content creation. Therefore, it is important to have a content calendar to guarantee any level of success with your content marketing.


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