6 Most Common Things People Usually Forget To Pack When Moving


When you are moving into a new home, you likely will spend some time thinking about what you need to pack up. Even people that are extremely planned can still end up forgetting some very important things along the way. There are several items in particular that are very commonly forgotten by people when they’re moving.

1. Tools and Cleaning Supplies

Tools and Cleaning Supplies

When you are moving out into a new property, you likely will spend the last two days cleaning and making simple repairs in your home. Because of this, it is very likely that you will have tools and cleaning supplies lying around your property. This makes them very easy to forget to pack and during the last few hours of your moving process, you could forget about them entirely. It is important to remember these items as they can be expensive to replace.

2. Wall Decorations

Wall Decorations

When you are trying to move out of your property, you likely will spend a lot of time thinking about emptying cabinets, how you are going to move furniture, and putting clothes into proper containers. However, many people end up forgetting about all of the items that they have left on their walls. It is important that you make sure that you take off all pictures and fill all holes before you leave. When you are using the services of moving Matco, it could help to ensure these decorations are properly packed and transported.

3. Hardware


After you have lived in a home for a while, you likely will have installed a variety of different types of hardware onto the walls. This can include hanging hooks, coat racks, and shelves that help to make your life more productive. Since these items are small, they are very easy to overlook. In most cases, you are entitled to take them with you. Once you have moved into your new home, it will be nice to have them available to hang again.

4. Paper Goods

Paper Goods

During the cleaning process, you likely will have a lot of paper towels, rags, and other items left all over the house. You also probably have rolls of toilet paper left under sinks and in storage closets. While these may not seem very important at the time, it is one additional item that you will need to pay for when you move into your new home. To save money, you should try to remember to bring these items with you.

5. Keys


One of the worst things to forget when you are moving are your keys. While you will be required to leave behind keys to your old home, it is easy to accidentally leave additional keys behind as well. Because of this, you should make sure that you have a full set of keys with you when you move out.

6. Medicine


One of the last things that you will pack up before you move is your medicine. Since you may need to use this, and your other basic toiletries until the very last day before you move, it is unlikely that you will have them packed into boxes. They are also very likely to be left behind when you are going through the full moving process.


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