6 Things You Can Learn with the Right DNA Testing Kit


People are interested in learning more about their DNA, and dna health testing is becoming popular. These tests used to be utilized only to determine paternity and at one time cost a lot of money, but nowadays that is no longer the case. DNA kits are being purchased for a number of reasons, and below are six things you can learn if you buy the right kit.

1. Cellular Aging

Telomeres are cap structures that have an important purpose – to protect the ends of your chromosomes from becoming degraded. Certain things can cause these telomeres to get shorter, including lack of exercise and poor diet. These tests measure the length of your telomeres and compare that number to other people in your age group, which helps you determine how fast you are aging. It is a good way to learn which changes you need to make to improve your aging process.

2. General Health Risks

These DNA health testing kits are good overall tests that measure the possibility of getting certain illnesses and diseases. If you want to know if you’re at risk for certain ailments, this is the test to get. It measures the probability of getting things such as Celiac Disease, breast cancer, age-related macular degeneration, and Parkinson’s Disease, among others.

3. Wellness and Traits

This type of testing looks at areas such as predisposition to addiction, your natural “genetic” weight, and your predisposition to experience deep sleep. These are areas that are influenced by things such as diet and overall lifestyle, so the numbers shouldn’t concern you too much. Still, it is important to many people that these numbers be revealed so they can prepare for the future.

4. Fitness Tests

Although there are many factors that affect your overall fitness level, these DNA fitness tests analyze roughly 20 of your genes that are related to muscle strength, metabolism, and exercise recovery. Once again, there is no need to panic if the numbers aren’t what you thought they would be, but if you wish to improve in this area, at least you’ll have a good starting point, thanks to the numbers the test provides.

5. Carrier Screening Tests

These DNA health testing kits tell you if you are a carrier of certain genes that you might pass on to your children. The genes are looked at in relation to the diseases those children may be exposed to, including hereditary hearing loss, cystic fibrosis, and sickle cell anemia, among others. Even if both parents are carriers, the chances of a child receiving the gene are only at 25%, but to some people, it is still good to be aware of these chances so that they can prepare if they need to.

6. Nutrition and Food Sensitivity

These tests look at things such as sensitivity to gluten, metabolism, nutrient absorption, and types of muscle tissue. The tests help you figure out which areas you need improvement in so that you can change your diet or lifestyle. They test genes related to food breakdown, weight, and vitamins to provide you with information to better your level of health and fitness.


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