Four Tips in Moving your Things to your New College Home


Moving from home into your new college dorm can bring on mixed emotions from excited, overwhelmed, and distressed feelings for students and their parents. Careful planning and organizing of things are necessary to ensure you don’t forget anything. If you’re moving faraway, it may be necessary to hire dorm or college movers that specialize in this category. Here are some tips and suggestions to help you making the big move and assist you in transitioning from high school to college life:

1. Pack and Transfer Essentials

Before you start packing, it is first vital to make a checklist of what you really need to take versus what you would like to take. Essential goods are those items like your microwave, laptop, or printer. You need to use them on a daily basis, but bringing them from home is a smarter choice because buying them brand new will just cost more money. Sentimental items like your stamp collection, teddy bear, or thick baby albums are best left behind because they might get lost in your dorm. It may be tempting to take all your clothes, but limit your number of coats, shirts, pants, shoes, and boots as they tend to be bulky. Some of these items can be bought once you get to your destination, so weigh things carefully if it makes more sense to pack or buy. There are additional insights at Matco Calgary Movers and you may learn more from their resources.

2. Determine How You’ll Travel and the Size of Your Luggage

Exactly how much things you can take will depend entirely on how you travel to your new college home. Riding the car and choosing to hire the services of college movers mean you can pack more items. Flying, on the other hand, limits the amount of things you can pack due to flight rules and regulations. If you are willing to pay more for excess baggage, weigh the cost of carriage versus the cost of buying new stuff. If the price isn’t that big of a difference, then getting the new stuff is a more sound option.

3. Ship Dorm Room Necessities Before the Actual Move

If you’re living in a college dormitory, then expect to provide sheets, blankets, and a few pieces of furniture. Some items like your beddings, microwave, hot water kettle, or collapsible desk can be shipped ahead of time. Double check with your dorm administration regarding what items they provide. Inquire also if they shall be willing to accept items on your behalf.

4. Pack a Survival Care Kit

Pack an emergency pack with three to four sets of clothes, underwear, toiletries, and basic medication in case of emergencies. Work under the assumption that your things may arrive late. It is better to be prepared because you have classes to attend and activities that take up time. Once you’re in the busy with the flurry of college activities, you may even struggle at finding the time to sort through your things, so it is better to have a handy care pack which you can use anytime.

Whether you’re a college student that’s looking to move a few miles away, or you’re moving to an out of state college, it is vital to remember to plan your move and organize your things ahead of time, so you won’t feel so overwhelmed and you won’t forget anything. The last thing you need as you transition into your new life is to worry about material possessions. Careful planning will lessen the burden and stress of moving because, chances are, you’re already worried about how college life will be.


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