Helpful Tips to Identify When to Upgrade Your Leak Detection Equipment


FlexPak leak detection equipment is used to ensure that product packaging is airtight as intended. This can impact everything from customer satisfaction and the number of returns your company has to liability and more. As beneficial as this type of equipment is for manufacturers of packages to use, there are a wide range of equipment models to choose from. Many businesses may currently be using a very inexpensive model with limited features and capabilities, and others may be using older equipment that lacks the benefits provided by modern features. You may be wondering when the time is right to upgrade your leak detection equipment, and you can use these helpful tips to guide your decision-making process.


Review the Features and Functionality of Modern Equipment
Before you make the decision to upgrade your leak detection equipment, it is important to learn more about the current models available. Modern equipment has several common testing methods, including the bubble test, infrared testing and more. Some models require your team to constantly monitor the equipment, and others will alert you if a leak is detected. These are just a few of the many differences you will find in different features of the top leak detection equipment on the market today.


Understand the Reliability of Top Models
If you are using cheaper equipment or older equipment, you may understandably be concerned about its reliability. Some equipment, for example, may have worn out components that continue to break. Many of today’s models are designed to withstand regular, frequent use, and some come with a warranty. You may have fewer repair issues with a newer model, and any issues that do arise may be covered by the warranty to keep operational costs to a minimum.


Focus on Current Leak Concerns and Expenses
Another important step to take before you make an upgrade is to focus on your reasons for considering the upgrade in the first place. For example, you may have current leak concerns, or the cost of repairs for your older equipment may be high. While there may be significant reasons for you to make an upgrade, you need to weigh these concerns about the reliability and beneficial features found in newer models to determine if now is the right time to make an upgrade.

It is necessary to upgrade leak detection equipment periodically. This allows you to benefit from the latest technology in leak detection as well as to decrease liability and other financial costs associated with operating an outdated machine. If you are thinking about making an upgrade soon, walk through each of these steps to make a wise decision that will benefit your business. For more information visit FlexPak.


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