5 Mistakes That Will Hurt Your Internet Marketing Campaigns


Once in a while, over-blown information takes over the internet marketing industry. This creates hype in the market and suddenly every marketer wants to use this information to advance their marketing strategy. Some marketers are able to see through the hype and avoid getting carried away and making serious marketing mistakes. Here are the most common internet marketing mistakes and misconceptions.

1.      Keywords Are Obsolete

Keywords Are Obsolete

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In the past, keywords were the best way to guarantee that your site ranked well on Google. As a result, many marketers started using keyword stuffing to boost their rankings. Today, after several Google algorithm updates, keyword stuffing is a no-go zone for any marketer.  While this is the case, keyword usage is not dead. Keywords still have an important role to play in the SERPs. It’s the only way search engines can determine what a page is about. Remember to incorporate your target keyword and LSI keywords into all your content.

2.      Traffic Is All You Need

Traffic Is All You Need

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While the website traffic is useful for any internet marketing campaign, it is not the only important index. However, you can use it to calculate other important website matrices such as conversion rates and abandonment rates. Therefore, traffic cannot be relied upon solely for a digital campaign and is definitely not enough to drive decision making in an online business.

3.      Generation Z Make the Perfect Target Group

Generation Z Make the Perfect Target Group

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For a long time, there was a misconception that millennials make the best target audience. With time, there was a buzz about the generation Z which follows the millennials. While it is a good thing to market to these audiences, as they are the most tech-savvy, relying solely on this market group can be dangerous for a brand. Diversify your target audience especially if your products and services can be consumed by people of all ages.

4.      Online Retail Will Kill Brick and Mortar Businesses

Online Retail Will Kill Brick and Mortar Businesses

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This is one of the most common internet marketing mistakes and misconceptions according to www.seovancouver.ca . For many years, people have waited for internet retail to take over the retail market in totality. In 2017 there was a huge fall in offline retail. This saw many shops closing down. While this can be blamed on online retailing, it is not entirely the reason for the closures. Online retailing cannot kill offline stores. It is possible for a brick and mortar store to run their business online too. All it takes is registering a business domain and marketing the products online.

5.      You Can Use the Same Methods All the Time

You Can Use the Same Methods All the Time

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Online marketing would be so easy if one could take just use the same winning strategy over and over again and get the same results. However, this is not possible. This is because the digital landscape is ever evolving. Therefore, a strategy that works today may be obsolete tomorrow. As a marketer, you need to constantly work on your strategy. Read on the latest developments in the area and keep testing different tactics.  This is the only way to stay ahead of the pack and keep winning despite the changes.



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