Own an HVAC Service Company? Get Rid of Paperwork Now


Electronic HVAC forms for heating and cooling business can make office work much easier and more organized, and the documents can improve your business. These documents can take the confusion out of orders when your staff members have flawed handwriting, and all your business documents are automatically filed and organized on an online server. Here are some of the perks you’ll notice when you enroll in a program with electronic HVAC forms and documents.

Have More Control

When you can see what invoices were created each day, what parts were ordered, and how many service hours were billed, it’s easier to have control of your business. When electronic forms are created and submitted it allows you to go through all the documents no matter where you are, and you have the control to make changes, get in touch with the employee, and to get what’s needed for your business.

Easier Billing

As the electronic HVAC forms are filled out, the customer’s email address should be included on the document. This allows the system to update and send a bill to the customer when needed. This makes getting paid easier, and it saves you the money you would have to pay to print and mail a bill the traditional way. If you offer online payments, it’s easy for people to pay their bill online and for you to get the money quickly. You also always have digital a copy of all invoices that were created during the year.

Improve Productivity

With codes and auto spelling features, the employees are able to fill out their electronic forms quickly. This reduces the amount of time they have to spend looking up part numbers, looking up billing costs, and hand writing out receipts. They can easily fill out the electronic documents they need and then hurry to get to the next job.

For you to take advantage of the electric HVAC forms for your heating and cooling business, each of your employees much have a smart phone, tablet or some type of laptop to use. These devices need to have the software that’s required, and then they will send the documents or information online. They don’t need to have Internet access at all times, but they’ll have to connect to Wi-Fi at least once a day to submit all their electronic forms to you, so the documents are loaded and stored on your company server. More resources can be found at the ProntoForms blog.


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