One of the key signals Google bots look at when ranking your page is the quality and number of backlinks. This is why link building should be a key part of your marketing strategy. However, link building is a mixed bag and can easily get you into problems with Google. According to experts at, misusing links, whether accidentally or not, can easily get your website blacklisted.  This is why you need to keep tabs on the performance of your links. To effectively do this, you will need software to check backlinks of website. Here are the top 5 backlinking tools you can use.

1.      BuzzStream Link Building

BuzzStream Link Building

This is one of the most powerful backlinking software for both businesses and individuals. The tool comes with a repertoire of tools that allow you to manage your contacts list, write and send customized messages, and build relationships seamlessly. These activities are a core part of the link building process.  With Buzzstream, you’ll be able to manage several link-building projects simultaneously and greatly improve the success rates of your link-building efforts. The software also makes it easier to work as a team.

2.      Moz Open Site Explorer

Moz Open Site Explorer

Once you have a good number of links pointing to your content, the next step is to keep track of their performance to avoid being slapped by Google. The Moz Open Site Explorer software is one of the best tools you can use to check backlinks of website. Use it to identify potentially damaging links and take them down to protect your website and boost your rankings. You can also use it to discover link building opportunities and as a backlink research tool.

3.      Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO

This is a great tool for building and analyzing your backlinks. If you want to check out the link-building strategy of your competitor to inform your link building strategy, then this is the perfect tool for you.  It is easy to use and you only need to type in a target keyword to start analyzing. You get all sorts o details from the site you’re analyzing including IPs, referring domains, anchor texts, and external backlinks. You’ll also get a historical backlink profile of the site.

4.      Ahrefs


This is a firm favorite among digital marketers, website owners, and web developers. It comes with a plethora of link building tools that include Positions Tracker, Positions Explorer, Site Explorer, and Ahref Alerts. The Site Explora feature comes in handy when you want to check backlinks of website. You can use it on your website or a competitor’s. Some of the information you can extract in a matter of seconds includes anchor texts, backlink strength, and any website linking to the page you’re analyzing. The Ahrefs Alerts feature gives alerts whenever your related keyword or company is mentioned, or whenever you get a new backlink.

5.      CognitiveSEO


This is a handy tool for analyzing various aspects of a digital marketing campaign. Other than helping you keep track of your search rankings, it also includes a backlink analysis feature. You can use it to check for any unnatural links pointing to your website and fix any issues before they get out of hand. You can also use CognitiveSEO to snoop on the SEO tactics of your competitors. This can give you an edge on the competition since you’ll be able to pinpoint and exploit their areas of weakness.

The role played by content marketing in an online business cannot be overlooked. Content marketing is used to attain numerous goals. For instance, a business is able to properly present itself to its target market. It also becomes an authoritative information source and is able to build a positive relationship with internet users. According to SEO Toronto experts, it is found that content marketing has the ability to generate thrice as many leads when compared to outbound marketing and also costs 62% less. More than 80% of online marketers make use of content marketing for their online business. Even with the success rate, there are some online marketers who do not seem to benefit from online marketing. This can be because they are making certain mistakes in their content marketing campaign. Here are common mistakes made by content marketers that jeopardize their campaigns.

1.      Using Immediate and Obvious Sales Pitches

Using Immediate and Obvious Sales Pitches

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Every online business person wants to market their amazing products or services to their target audience. They also expect a positive response in the form of conversion from this marketing. One of the most common mistakes done in content marketing is immediately shoving a call to action to the audience. Avoid using sales pitches prematurely in your sales funnel. Help the user see the value your product or service and let them make the decision to buy on their own.

2.      Putting Too Much Focus on Text

Putting Too Much Focus on Text

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The use of texts is the most common type of content found online.  There are businesses that focus on having text-only content on their site. It is a huge marketing mistake to use text without incorporating some visuals. Incorporating visual content in your text content gives it a better chance of attracting potential leads to your business. Companies such as make use of visual to create brand visibility for their clients. Therefore, the use of text-only content is a huge mistake for any online campaign.

3.      Overlooking the Reader Persona

Overlooking the Reader Persona

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Also referred to as content persona, this refers to the representation of your target audience based on data obtained from research. This data displays information about the reader’s needs, characteristics and also preferences. This information is meant to guide your content marketing strategy as it makes it possible for you to create content to meet the needs of your target audience. Failure to consider the reader persona means that you haven’t put the needs of your target audience first. Thus, the content created is hardly relevant to the market.

4.      Lack of A Call to Action

Lack of A Call to Action

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You cannot generate sales if you do not have a call to action button at the end of your content. You need to ensure that you have a call to action button at the end of your articles to generate sales from your marketing content. The call to action buttons can vary depending on your preference.

5.      Failure to Create A Content Calendar

Failure to Create A Content Calendar

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There are several reasons why content calendars are important. They make it possible for you to organize your marketing strategy, save you time and also maximize on time for content creation. Therefore, it is important to have a content calendar to guarantee any level of success with your content marketing.

There is an inherent secrecy to algorithms that makes it difficult to understand what SEO tactics work better than others.

In fact, this leads to some spam and myths that detract from a site’s ranking in some cases. Through our experience with Toronto SEO services, many clients have pursued the wrong goals when it comes to link building, ultimately preventing their websites from ranking higher.

While some people have lost faith in link building as an SEO tactic, it’s actually still one of the most viable ways to get your site noticed and shared. However, it’s not the only factor in how you rank. Here are some of the myths to look for as you start to build links for better SEO:

Myth 1. Backlinks are “Top” in Google Ranking Factors     Myth 1. Backlinks are “Top” in Google Ranking Factors

Long ago when Google still answered questions about its ranking factors directly, a Google Search strategist stated that links, RankBrain, and content were the top three ranking factors. However, this has since been clarified to say that Google has many algorithms that define what is most important to a particular search.

It’s not always about backlinks, but it does show that it is a rather important factor that should not be ignored. That said, you still have to think about social signals, query intent, user experience, and quality of content in addition to backlinks.

Myth 2. Penguin Penalties

Myth 2. Penguin Penalties

Those who work in SEO know that Penguin was an algorithm update that changed SEO and flipped most marketers on their heads in 2012. It isn’t a penalty, but the algorithm did de-rank those sites that were spamming backlinks and buying bad links or paid links. You can use Google’s Site Admin tool to see if you have any warnings, but in general, if you are practicing good link building without paid links, you shouldn’t worry about being de-ranked in Google. This only happens to sites that actively engage in black hat SEO.

Myth 3. High DA Means Better Link Quality

Myth 3. High DA Means Better Link Quality

This is not always the case and Google is getting better at recognizing when historically high DA sites have poor link quality. Besides that DA, or domain authority, is a guessing game when it comes to SEO. You may write in-depth content and have government sources, but your site could still be irrelevant or spun content with high-quality DA links, which would bring down your ranking.

The best practice is to use high-quality links with high DA but also combine with in-depth, interactive content that is highly relative to your keywords.

Myth 4. You Can’t Ask Someone for a Link

Myth 4. You Can’t Ask Someone for a Link

Link exchanges are pretty spammy and not the best way to increase your rank according to Google’s guidelines. However, if you cite sources directly, provide an expert opinion with a link, and add links in that are relevant, you can set up an exchange that is mutually beneficial and doesn’t break any guidelines.

Myth 5. Manual Penalties for Risky Link Velocity

Myth 5. Manual Penalties for Risky Link Velocity

In this case, people fear that having too many links to one piece of content can be considered spammy and earn a manual penalty from Google. This is nearly impossible for search engines to sift through because it would mean having to use an AI to investigate sites one-by-one for “honesty” links. Your site may just be incredibly viral and gaining a lot of shares.

Myth 6. Guest Posting Negatively Impacts Your Ranking

Myth 6. Guest Posting Negatively Impacts Your Ranking

Link building through guest posting should be done in a way that is not spammy and provides genuine content. If you are buying space on websites and posting links that are irrelevant to the blog or website’s overall content, you will eventually get penalized if Google discovers what you are doing. However, guest posting is not inherently bad for your ranking and if it is highly relevant to your content, then it is just good practice to share your content with your audience on other networks.

Industrial filters are equipment used in the separation of solids from fluids (both liquids and gases. They provide a medium that the fluid passes through leaving the solids in the filter. The residential and industrial areas are the primary users of industrial filters. Among the industries that carry out industrial filtration include food and beverage, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and others. Canada has set regulations in the manufacturing sector that seek to keep all the products free from contamination.

Types of Industrial Filters

Various types of filters play different roles in making the conditions safe in the workplace. They come in different shapes and sizes. The most common filters used include:

  1. Air Filters– they are one of the most common filters used in the factories, homes, construction sites, and hospitals. Industries use them in the filtration of the gases, odors, and air in companies. They allow clean air to pass while stopping dust particles and odors from penetrating.
  2. Panel filters– the shape and size of these filters depend on their application. Panel-shaped filters are common on the inside ventilations and other air conditioning units.
  3. Cartridge filters- they use the sifting method to separate the harmful impurities and solid materials from the fluid. The advanced models also remove the microscopic toxic elements on liquids.
  4. Hydraulic filters– the filter is used in purification of petroleum based products and oil. Some models also purify oil-based fluids. Oil contaminants can easily cause a breakdown of machines and that’s why the industrial filtration is necessary.
  5. Gas filters– used in the removal of contaminants in a liquid or dry gas stream. The companies employ a combination of gas filter separators, gas scrubbers, and coalescers in the industrial filtration of the gas.
  6. Multimedia filters– the filters remove sediments that are in the 10-micron range and below using multiple layers of anthracite, sand, and garnet.
  7. Bag filters– these are the most commonly used filters in the industrial filtration process. Manufacturers use them in the removal of large solid particles in ink, paint strainers, and coolants. Filtration involves running the liquid through the bag and the liquid passes through while the solids remain in the bag. The porosity in the bags varies depending on the item of filtration. Companies should change the bag filter frequently to avoid contamination and increase their efficiency.

Uses of Industrial Filters

• The industrial filters help in keeping the air safe and prevent the spread of germs or infections.

• The filter used in cleaning water makes it fit for human consumption.

• Industrial filtration in paints ensures that it is smooth while applied to vehicles and walls.

• Grease filters utilized in kitchens prevent the build up that would lead to fires.


Almost every business deals with moving packages from one place to another, and whether the product being shipped is moving from business to business or from the business to the customer, the ability to effectively manage the supply chain is essential to running a smooth and effective shipping operation. From warehousing to international shipping, the use of supply chain consultants will help your company avoid the gaps in communication that can sometimes develop within the supply chain.
While using logistic companies as a third-party service provider to handle the shipping definitely has its benefits, you may have a desire to handle the shipping responsibilities directly. Because of the complex nature of this dynamic, it is recommended to consult with an expert that has the experience and knowledge to help avoid shipping catastrophes that have the potential to cost the company money and clients.
Following are three ways working with a supply chain consultant can help you simply your logistics processes.
1. Helping You Find a Way to Use an Existing Shipping Option in a New Way
When you are looking for options to help streamline and simplify your shipping processes, a supply chain consultant can help you find ways to use the resources that you already have access to, but in a different way. While you may have developed a business relationship with an existing company, it is possible that you may not be aware of all of the services that they offer. The consultant can evaluate the current way that you are using this specific shipping option, and then recommend a better way to take advantage of the services that the shipping company has to offer. Usually, these types of changes will result in lower costs and more timely deliveries.
2. Making Deliveries a More Profitable Endeavor
Sometimes a supply chain consultant will be able to help you step outside of the box in order to recognize the opportunity for innovative processes. For instance, allowing non-competing companies to ship their products as a part of your shipment for a reduced fee would actually create the opportunity to make a profit off of your shipment process. This way, you would generate revenue from the sale of the products you are shipping, and you would also generate sales by charging companies to use any additional shipping space you may have left in your shipping container.
3. Finding Ways to Perfect Packaging
How a product is packaged has an immense impact on the customer experience. While a customer will appreciate the company going to great lengths to ensure that the product arrives safely, they may become frustrated if they have to hack through layers of protection. Working with a consultant can help you find the ideal balance in your packaging.
The idea of working with a supply chain consultant is to streamline and optimize your shipping process, without the interferences that can take place when communication breaks down in the supply chain. For more information, visit 3PL Links.

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