Starting Your Ice Cream Parlor


Starting an ice cream parlor can be as simple or complicated as you want it to be. Some very successful shops resell ice cream purchased from large manufacturers. They may specialize in toppings, cone variations or other novelty items. Others sell store-make ice cream with both popular and custom flavors. Regardless of the type of establishment, commercial grade restaurant equipment will be necessary.

Deciding What to Sell

The first step in determining what type of restaurant equipment you will need is making a decision on what you will sell. If you will be reselling, a high quality commercial freezer and dipping cabinet will be necessary. If you plan to make your own ice cream, a high quality batch freezer will also be needed. Many ice cream parlors also sell coffee, sandwiches or other desserts. If your plan is to have these items on the menu, the proper commercial equipment will be needed. Contact professional from a commercial kitchen equipment company to plan your purchase.

Equipping the Kitchen

In addition to purchasing equipment, you will need to develop plans to construct the kitchen and service area. It is important to get the measurements and power and water requirements for all of your restaurant equipment. A properly planned kitchen will make your life much easier and save on prep and service time. Keep in mind that health and safety regulations will require specific items and that these need to be considered throughout the planning process. Check with your local authority to find out more.

Ice Cream Supplies

Finding a restaurant supply store that handles the items you need to make and serve ice cream will be relatively simple. Most major restaurant suppliers carry the most popular items that you will need. There are some specialty items such as exotic flavors, ice cream mix and some paper products that you may need to get from an ice cream specialty supplier. Generally, it is more economical to purchase the bulk of your restaurant supplies from the same restaurant supply store. The ability to purchase in bulk or to bundle your purchases will usually result in lower costs.

No matter where you live, good quality ice cream and its accompaniments are sure to be neighborhood favorites. Outfitting your kitchen with the right commercial kitchen equipment will get you off to the right foot and help insure your business against breakdown due to overuse. The Nella Cutlery and Food Equipment Inc website provides a collection of online resources and information that may interest you.


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