Three Things to Think About Before You Buy Video Equipment for Business Security


Investing in commercial security systems is a great way to enhance business security on your property. Commercial alarm systems can be used to deter crime, to lower business insurance rates and even to identify and prosecute criminals who have targeted your business for their activities. Many security alarms used for business security have video capabilities, and you may be thinking about investing in a video camera or a full set of cameras for use on your property. Before you take this step, explore these points with care so that you make the best decision for your business.

How the Video Footage Will Be Monitored
Video footage must either be monitored or recorded, and ideally, both services will be provided. Commercial security systems that record video can be viewed later after a crime has occurred. On the other hand, video footage that is monitored by a live professional can be used to catch a criminal in the act. While both can deter crime, one requires you to pay a staff member to monitor the video cameras at all times, and there is cost associated with this.

If the Cameras Have Great Image Quality
If you have seen video footage of crimes in progress on the news in the past, you may have been less than impressed by the quality of the video images that were captured. In some cases, you may have barely been able to make out what the perpetrator was wearing, and identifying facial features may have been impossible. Poor image quality makes cameras fairly worthless when trying to identify and prosecute criminals after the fact. Therefore, pay attention to image quality when making a buying decision.

If the Cameras Capture Sound
The capabilities of different types of video equipment vary. Some equipment, for example, only captures grainy, black and white images without sound. Other equipment may capture high-quality images in full color with sound. Sound is a great feature to have when there are two or more criminals, and this is because you may hear them mention their names, the type of car they are driving, where they are headed or other identifying details. In addition, some voices are distinct, and this can be used to help identify an individual after a crime has been committed.

If you are searching for video equipment for use with your commercial alarm system, pay attention to the features, capabilities and overall quality of the equipment. In addition, focus on whether the video can be recorded for later viewing or if it must be monitored live. These points will help to guide you into making a thoughtful buying decision. If you would like to learn more, the Chubb Edwards website is a helpful source for information.


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