Types of Door Lock Tampering And How Can A Locksmith Help You?


Burglars are inventive. They can find different ways to tamper with locks to effect an entry into your home. Sometimes they succeed. Sometimes they do not. They leave behind clues. Clues give an idea that someone attempted a forced entry. Learn to recognize door lock tampering. Then get in touch with a locksmith. The locksmith can help prevent burglary.



Burglars may try to pick a lock. They may use pins and screw drivers or dental picks. In such cases there are very little signs. You will hardly notice any difference. Sometimes, some tumblers may be damaged. The lock may be difficult to turn and open. There may be minor clues. There may be marks around the keyhole. You may not recognize them. A locksmith www.lockupservice.ca will easily identify it.


This is another technique burglars use. A general key is filed to resemble a small saw. It is inserted into the lock. A tumbler is turned. The process is repeated. The burglar may hit the key. This may result in scratches and nicks. It requires time.

Brute force

Brute force

Burglars can use a jemmy to deform the lock. The lock can be forced open by hitting it with a hammer. In either case, you may find it difficult to turn the key. Get in touch with a locksmith. He can recognize attempts at burglary. You would be advised to replace the lock.

Damage to door and fixture

Damage to door and fixture

Burglars may attempt to force the door open. The tell-tale signs are bent deadbolts, latches, and warped doorframes. The signs are obvious. It is best to bring in a locksmith and get the locks replaced.

If you notice any of these signs then get a locksmith to visit you. He will inspect the existing security system. He may recommend the use of hybrid digital and mechanical locks. Electronic locks are much better. A burglar is hardly equipped to pick an electronic lock. This type of lock may be the biometric type. You do not have to worry about carrying keys or losing them.

Alarm control panel on the wall

If mechanical locks appeal to you then you can opt for deadbolt systems. These are more secure. Besides, they are difficult to pick. You can have your locksmith install a single cylinder deadbolt. A key opens the lock from the outside. You can use the thumb piece to open the bolt from the inside. If you have a glass door then get a double cylinder deadbolt installed. You have to use a key to open the door from either side. You can install a keyless electronic deadbolt.

Prevention is better. Therefore, try to install deterrent security devices. This can be an alarm or video camera. If the burglar attempts to force a lock he sets off an alarm. The video camera will capture his face. You can file a police complaint. He may be caught. Your locksmith is the best person to recommend a suitable alarm installation and video security outside as well as inside the house. It costs extra. However, it is worth the extra cost. You get peace of mind and you can prevent burglaries.


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