Why Maintenance is Key to Reaping the Effectiveness of The Allis-Chalmers Pumps


You have a variety to pick from Allis Chalmers pumps, with each serving distinct roles.The axial flow pumps and the vertical columns, are hydraulic pumps used for flood control, irrigation and water supply, pumping about half a million gallons per minute (GMP). The non-clog centrifugal pumps are used for vertical or horizontal mounting of up to 100 000 GMP. The axially split-case pumps are used for vertical or horizontal mounts of up to 110 000 GMP.

Besides, the vortex centrifugal Whirl-Flo pumps have the capacity of passing passport size solids, enhancing clog free pumping of up to 2 400 GMP. The Trash Hog pumps are solid handling, self-priming pumps that lift to about 28 feet with capacities of up to 6 000 GPM. To get the most of these pumps you need to ensure that the pump parts are well maintained, which requires sound installation set on a good foundation and a robust baseplate installation.

Sound Installation

In most cases, the problems experienced in the form of shaft breakages, difficult alignment of the units and the breakage of pumps and motor bearings arise from inappropriate installation of the pumps. Accordingly, you need to ensure that the foundation space is adequate for the pumping equipment. Inadequate foundation space is the cause of twisted or bent baseplates or excessive strain on the pipes, which hinders the efficient operationalization of the pumping equipment.

Your foundation should also be heavy enough so that it can provide the pump, the motor and base combination with a rigid support. This goes a long way in resisting the normal forces that are encountered once the pumping unit is up and running. A concrete floor that is solidly attached to a well-designed floor system is ideal for the pumping system. You should, however, avoid wooden floors that are unsupported or with thin concrete padding. Most pump distributors or pump packing experts will provide you with advice on the best foundation unto which to install your pump system.

A Robust Baseplate Installation

You need to ensure that the pump and drivers are re-aligned before the final grouting of the pump’s baseplate. You may miss this crucial information on the pump packaging. However, take note that even though the pumping unit may be aligned at the factor before shipment, its component parts tend to shift while they are in transit or during handling or due to uneven foundation surfaces. Therefore, you need to re-adjust the baseplate to the necessary level and provide the pump with a flat surface for its drivers to rest.

Bottom Line

The effectiveness of the Allis-Chalmers pumps have made them a recognized brand across the world. The pumps are a recognized brand in North and South Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Like other hydraulic pump models, proper maintenance of the pumps is very crucial to make the most of their utility.


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